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Open Letter to Governor Evers: A Call to Action

Governor Tony Evers

Office of the Governor

115 East Capitol

Madison, WI 53702


Dear Governor Evers,

We are writing to you today with a profound sense of urgency and hope. As citizens deeply committed to justice and the ethical principles that support the legal system, we, along with thousands of others, have been moved and mobilised by the egregious case of Brendan Dassey: a young Wisconsin man whose conviction raises serious concerns about the integrity of the Wisconsin judicial process.

Brendan’s injustice has rightly captured the attention and empathy of millions around the globe. His story, fraught with coercion and injustice, presents a compelling case for clemency.

Brendan Dassey was only sixteen years old when convicted for his alleged involvement in the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. The details surrounding his confession have been widely scrutinised, with state, national, and international legal experts and advocates arguing that his statements were coerced, unreliable and involuntary. The interrogations, conducted without the presence of a parent or legal counsel, resulted in a confession that “many” believe was extracted through manipulative and psychologically coercive tactics—the many represented and documented in Dassey’s 2018 SCOTUS amicus briefs, 2019 Clemency petition, and as the undersigned.

In 2016, federal magistrate judge William E. Duffin ruled that Dassey’s confession was indeed involuntary, calling the techniques used by investigators "constitutionally impermissible." This ruling was initially upheld by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, only to be overturned later by a full en banc panel. Despite this setback, the substantial doubts surrounding the fairness of his trial and the methods used to obtain his confession remain unresolved, and Brendan remains wrongfully convicted.

Governor Evers, your commitment to justice and fairness is well recognized. However, your willingness to embrace mercy, to use clemency to address unjust prosecution and outdated laws, remains sadly untested for five years. The power of clemency is a profound tool at your disposal, capable of correcting miscarriages of justice where the legal system has failed. Granting clemency to Brendan Dassey would not only rectify a grave injustice but also send a powerful message about the values of compassion and fairness that your administration strives to uphold in Wisconsin.

Brendan Dassey has already served nearly two decades behind bars for a crime we, the undersigned, believe he did not commit. His youth and vulnerability at the time of his confession, combined with the questionable methods employed to secure it, and zero forensic evidence linking Brendan to the crime, make his case an urgent and compelling candidate for clemency — and your attention.

We urge you to consider the overwhelming evidence that Brendan Dassey’s conviction was a tragic error. Granting him clemency would restore faith in Wisconsin’s justice system and affirm our collective commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us from coercive, outdated and unjust practices.

Granting clemency to Brendan Dassey is not just a legal imperative but a moral one. Governor, you are singularly empowered to right a grievous wrong and reaffirm Wisconsin's commitment to justice and human dignity. Brendan's case exemplifies the failures of the criminal justice system and underscores the need for compassionate and corrective action. His continued incarceration is a profound human rights issue, and we ask you to seize this moment to correct a historic injustice and restore faith in the power of clemency to heal and redress.


Thank you for your time and consideration of this critical matter. We hope you will act to right this wrong and allow Brendan Dassey a first chance at life outside the confines of a prison cell.


Yours sincerely,




Tracy Keogh, Melbourne, Australia

Christy Alberts, Wisconsin

George Altes, Virginia, United States

Diana Alves, Coimbra, Portugal

Rebecca Ambriz, El Paso, Texas

Toma Anda, Romania

Patricia Arnold, Missouri, United States

Janice Austin, Vermont, United States

Jen AV-Stemmer, New England, United States

Luis Ayuso Domenech, Madrid, Spain

Angela Babcockk, New Brunswick, Canada

Jacque Baily, Illinois, United States

Leanne Best, South Australia

Lee Billington, Auckland, New Zealand

Kristyna Boukari, Michigan, United States

Viv Bowers, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Elaine Brazier, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Henrietta Brearley, Indiana, United States

Christine Burgess, Canberra, Australia

Christine Buxton, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dani C, Oklahoma, United States

Dale Carter, Illinois, United States

Christine Cavanagh, Victoria, Australia

Marie Christian, Sweden

Nicholas Cocozzelli, New York, United States

Tammy Collins, Canton, Ohio

L Cooper, West Tennessee, United States

Amber Cornet, Vermont, United States

Suzy Cue, Vancouver, B.C.

Jo Dowell, Biggleswade, United Kingdom

Kelly Droster, Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Melissa Dufoe, Ontario, Canada

Kristine Eastman-Eggerton, Wisconsin, United States

April Erion, Ohio, United States

Dawn Essen, Minneapolis, United States

Maureen Fantastia, Plympton, Massachusetts

Jennifer Folger, Savannah, Georgia

Delphine Garcia, South France

Patricia Gerbert, Michigan, United States

Paula Grabow, Chicago, United States

Cheryl Greig, Queensland, Australia

Denise Gribble, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Jill Harney, Kansas, United States

Ria Hendricks, Borne, The Netherlands

Rebekah Hensley, Oregon, United States

Nicola Holden, Brisbane, Australia

Brian Hopson, Teesside, United Kingdom

Nicole Hörmann, Kirchheim, Germany

Kristina Hudson, Solon Springs, Wisconsin

Mellany Huelgas, United Kingdom

Margaret Jeffrey, Carryduff, Northern Ireland

Deanna Jesse, B.C., Canada

Toni Johnston, Stevenage, United Kingdom

Kristy Jones

Megan Jones, San Diego, United States

Monique Jordaan, Johannesburg, South Africa

Kathleen Jordan, New York, United States

Sarah Juza, New Hampshire, United States

Emma Kazemi, Iran

Max Keogh, Victoria, Australia

Tom Keogh, Victoria, Australia

Rhiannon Keogh, Dublin, Ireland

Elisabeth Kettler, Bristol, Wisconsin

Wolf Kettler, Bristol, Wisconsin

Paula Knudson, New Jersey, United States

Einna Knutsen, Chillan, Chile

Kristina Kvisth, Vaggeryd, Sweden

Kelli Lee LaBelle, Florida, United States

Mary Ladd, Kansas, United States

Erin Lamas, Nebraska, United States

Jennifer Fen Lanham, Ohio, United States

Nisha Layton, Dudley, United Kingdom

Shayne Layton, Dudley, United Kingdom

Wendy Leach, Manitoba, Canada

Theytaz Leslie, Geneva, Switzerland

Eric Lewis, West Virginia, United States

Dawn Libin, Enfield, United States

Thallita Lima, Brasil

Roxana Lopez, California, United States

Amanda Lynch Higgott, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Yvette MacKenzie, Aberdeen, Scotland

Cate Mahoney, Queensland, Australia

Romilda Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil

Wiki Mathew, New Zealand

Emily McCarthy, North Carolina, United States

Oscar McHattan, Sydney, Australia

Melanie McKay, Northampton, United Kingdom

Jennifer McKenna, Exmoor, United Kingdom

Angie McNair, Kentucky, United States

Ana Paula Mendonca, Barreiros, Brasil

Javier Mercado, Puerto Rico

Jaqueline Mertens, Germany

Nathasha Miller, Tennessee, United States

Carol Mixon, Texas, United Kingdom

Michael Molly, Easton, Pa, United States

Krista Morns, Niagara Falls, United States

Tori Mowle, Harwick, United Kingdom

Antonella Muscat, London, United Kingdom

Molly Myers, Easton, Pa, United States

Orfhlaith Ni Choirbin, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Cindy-Anne Nicholsen, South Jersey, United States

Cathleen Noren, Skillingaryd, Sweden

Carolyn O'Brien, Los Angeles, United States

Chelsea O'Connor, Ontario, Canada

Karen O'Donnell Tennebaum, Manchester Twp, New Jersey, United States

Mark Pacella, New York, United States

Mark Pacella, New York, United States

Michelle Pacella, New York, United States

Renee Pacella, New York, United States

Victor Padilla, Texas, United States

Kristina Palayeva, Ontario, Canada

Lorraine Paquette Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Jennifer Paradise, Auburn, United States

Tanja Partzsch, Altendorf, Germany

Maureen Pearsall, Ontario, Canada

Pilar Perez-Cebrian, Ontario, Canada

Janine Petschelt, Berline, Germany

Cathy Anne Phalen, New York, United States

Ayisha Phillips, Manchester, United Kingdom

Kiana Phoenix, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Victoria Piefley, South Carolina, United States

Wendy Polhill, Ontario, Canada

Marilene Poli, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Karen Ratkoric, Ontario, Canada

Lesley Read, United Kingdom

Donna Reid, Victoria, Australia

Edward Reynolds, Sweden and United Kingdom

Martina Reynolds, Sweden

Rebecca Reynolds, Sweden

Susanne Reynolds, Sweden

Yadira Ric, Covina, United States

Ben Robinson, Glasgow, Scotland

Ger Jerry Romero, Guanajuato, México

Margaret Rouncefield, Kent, United Kingdom

Cheryl Russo, Massachusettes, United States

Monica Santos, Brasil

Amy Schafer, Michigan, United States

Tina Schebler, Indiana, United States

Mike Schrepple, Arizona, United States

Shanelle Schrepple, Arizona, United States

Sarah Shaw, United Kingdom

Tammy-Lee Short, Queensland, Australia

Tina Showalter, Lake County, United States

Evangelia Sigala, Patras, Greece

Kees Simon, Heemstede, The Netherlands

Annabel Singh, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

Alex Smith, PHX, Arizona

Marion Smith, Illinois, United States

Tracy Smith, California, United States

Vicky Smith, North Carolina, United States

Rebecca Snodgrass, Boscobel, Wisconsin

Ingrid Somers, Brisbane, Australia

Jennie Stevens, Los Angeles, United States

Allison Swift, Georgia, United States

Barbara Tadych, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Scott Tadych, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Verna Talbot, New Brunswick, Canada

Susie Teofilo, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Lisa Thompson, Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth Thuer, Arizona, United States

Deborah Tohill, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Joan Treppa, Minneapolis, United States

Lee-Ann Tustin, Shirleysburg, United States

Priscila Valente P.Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rebecca Vargas, Texas, United States

Nicky Vasilevskiy, Moscow, Russia

Lucy Velez, Florida, United States

Josie Venner, London, United Kingdom

Michelle Vernon, Melbourne, Australia

Kristina Violaris, Brisbane, Australia

Coco Walden, Florida, United States

Ordalie V Wartenberg, Munich, Germany

Sarah Watter, Chicago, United States

Neal Worthington, Llandysul, Wales

The Yates Family, North Carolina, United States

Katja Zimmerman, Bad Schandau, Germany


Catrina Haggberg
Catrina Haggberg
3 days ago

Our justice system is a joke. It's not innocent until proven guilty It's guilty and good luck. I can't imagine what this young man is going through. I pray that the people capable of fixing this will do so. May God be with you Brendan I will pray for you


6 days ago

Haley Schmick, Judith Schmick, Alvin Ray - Cartersville, Georgia, United States



6 days ago

The injustice in this ugly situation is glaringly posturing of political, financial and professional gain. Money and power and saving face no matter the collateral damage to many lives. If this were my child, murdered, I would want the person responsible for the death. A book deal and men wanting to be right by not admitting their mistakes. Judges that have grudges. What a horror story Wisconsin government have shown themselves to represent.

The worst of the worst in mankind. Do the right thing and end this insanity for the innocent caught in this trap of lies political garbage.


Jul 05

We should be protecting our children not locking them up for corrupt police!

Free this young man, you've taken half his life already.

Krista Morris Niagara falls


Jul 05

Josie venner .. London.

Set this poor man free. Do the right thing.

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