Laura Nirider talks "Inside Making a Murderer"

Monday, May 27th, 2019 - 19 minutes Laura Nirider gives an update on Brendan Dassey who is still behind bars for the murder of Teresa Halbach. She chats to Trina Mara about the "Inside Making a Murderer" Irish tour

Jason Strong Proven Innocent: Talking False Confessions, Time and Brendan Dassey

"I’m very happy to finally go home, I’m extremely grateful to the people who made that possible…” On the 28 May 2015, Arizona native Jason Strong’s wrongful conviction was vacated after 15 years of wrongful incarceration. Jane Doe and the Green Belt Forest Preserve December 9th, 1999 had been a frigid day in Waukegan Illinois. Unbeknown to a community concerned with the approach of Christmas, the lonely artic cold blanketed the badly beaten and tortured body of a Jane Doe discovered in the Green Belt Forest Preserve located near the border of Chicago and Waukegan. This revelation would irrevocably alter the trajectory of 24-year old Jason Strong’s life. Illinois has long held a pervasive and

The Conviction and Integrity of Brendan Dassey

“They’re still kids, they’re still kids and we have to remember that and were kids when found guilty… on a broader scale I am one that believes in redemption” – Governor Evers. In 2006, Brendan Dassey was a kid. He could not have spelt redemption. But he would have guessed. Ingested by a state harbouring a justice system debilitated by “truth-in-sentencing” laws, Wisconsin’s legislature and the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s office created a macabre avatar, luridly parading the 16-year-old softly spoken, intellectually challenged Dassey to the ill-informed mass. However, 13 years on, the heaving congregation are no longer ill-informed, they are educated and mobilised. Waiting. Expectant. Repeal

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