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Brendan Dassey - A Story of a True Confession

The Most Impactful Piece of Advocacy in the Fight for Brendan's Freedom

"In episode 10 you might remember Bob's cross-examination of the smirking defence attorney Len Kachinsky and the snivelling defence investigator Michael O'Kelly". "What you don't know is that Bob was like a bloodhound, and he tracked Michael O'Kelly all the way across the country, and he finally found him in Idaho, he hopped on a plane, he went to a conference where O'Kelly was speaking and at the end of the conference he served him with a subpoena". "And that subpoena required Michael O'Kelly to come back to Wisconsin and bring all of his documents with him and all of his videotapes, and it was from that subpoena we got that videotape of Michael O'Kelly interrogating Brendan the night after his motion to suppress had been denied". - Steve Drizin referencing Bob Dvorak.

*Please sign & share 'The Juvenile Interrogation Protection Law in Wisconsin' (The Barbara Tadych Law) to help ensure there is not another child wrongfully convicted due to a lack of protection as they navigate the criminal justice system in Wisconsin.

*Please join the thousands of people supporting Brendan is his fight at the official family run support group click here for membership.

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