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Making a Murderer 2: Brendan Dassey’s lawyers arrive in the UK

Brendan Dassey was one of the subjects of the hit documentary series Making a Murderer. Now his real-life post-conviction lawyers have arrived in the UK to begin an ‘in conversation’ tour, starting with an event in Glasgow.

Laura Nirider and Steve Drizin – two of the legal minds from the programme’s second series, which premiered in October on Netflix – intend to meet and talk to people across the country who, like them, were shocked at the conviction of the Wisconsin teen whom Nirider described as “mentally limited”.

“It’s a chance for me to really engage with people of Scotland and elsewhere,” she said. “People who saw that videotape [of Dassey’s interrogation] just as I did and got just as angry and just as motivated to make change.”

Nirider spoke to BBC Radio Scotland’s The Afternoon Show about how she first became involved with the case.

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